​​​​​GFWC  Woman's Club of Cypress

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General Federation of Women’s Clubs

GFWC President: Marian Simmons St. Clair
1734 N Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20036-2990

Email: marian.stclair@gmail.com 

Motto: Unity in Diversity
President’s Theme:  "Lighting the Future GFWC" 

California Federation of Women’s Clubs
CFWC President: Pam Ament
Email: ament.pam5@gmail.com

President’s Theme: Change is Beautiful

Symbol: Butterfly

President's Special Projects:  Military & Veterans/Saving the Honeybees 


CFWC Orange District
Orange District President: Mary Sprague

5924 Arno Crescent, Anaheim, CA 92807

Email: mlsprague@sbcglobal.net

President’s Theme: Together We Make a Great Team

President's Special Projects: Children & Kids