Bonnie Peat

2022-2023 President

2022-2023 Executive Board

2022-2023 President's Theme:  "Build a better community by helping persons with disabilities reach their potential."   

Celebrating together with the 

newly installed officers

2022-2023 President's Message 

​When joining the GFWC Woman's Club of Cypress, I wanted to be a part of leading this organization and living our motto -- "Friendship with a Purpose".  I have been blessed by the many new friends I have met in the club, while living our purpose and making a visible impact within our community.  Our membership has grown and we have so many talented women who are energized and involved.  join us at an upcoming meeting and see what we are all about.    

My President's Project continues to support two organizations in our local community -- B.R.A.I.N. and Cypress Champions Baseball. Both these organizations perform acts of service to help individuals with disabilities reach their potential.  Contact me at if you want to hear more and how you can involved.    

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  Bonnie Peat

1st VP/Dean 
  Ginger Osman 

Co-2nd VP/Membership 
  Joan Larsen/Judy Wagner

Recording Secretary 

  Shirley Bradley 

  Maria Sterk
Financial Secretary

Communications Secretary    

  Roberta Voet

  Megan Martinez-King

Program Chair 
  Carole Stone 

  Dawne Reed 

Publicity Chair

  Mary Kamhi